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As a leading Coach Training Academy, we pride ourselves on providing you with extensive, best in class, accredited (ICF, AC) training programs

One programme specifically for new coaches and one programme specifically for experienced coaches

New Coaches

Experienced Coaches

If you are an aspiring coach looking to have robust, well-structured and varied training which is fully ICF accredited (ACTP)…then look no further!

You’ll discover a variety of approaches in our Diploma including: GROW and normative approaches, somatic coaching, neuroscience, positive psychology, transactional analysis, emotional intelligence and DISC. This combination of evidence based, whole person approaches means you can develop your own unique style, delivering deeper transformation for your clients.

Our coach training is fully accredited to a Professional level by the ICF (ACTP) and includes 10 hours of mentoring support. so you have a direct certification route to ACC and PCC pathways.

We also support you to develop your coaching business alongside your coaching skills – with support from a start-up specialist; an online business program to go from getting your first client to growing your practice; and access to our coaching membership for the duration of your course, as well as workshops looking at different specialisms.

Our program puts inclusivity and equality at the heart of our training, with additional workshops as well as having pro bono partnerships with third sector organisations and donating part of our profits to charities including Young Minds, Crisis, The Trussell Trust and The Samaritians. 

If you are an experienced coach looking to develop your skills with CPD programs

We provide accredited CCE (Continuing Coach Education) programs, as well as a membership community to give you ongoing support as you progress through your coaching journey.


Hi! I’m Ruth Kudzi, CEO of the Optimus Coach Academy, award-winning and highly experienced MCC coach (ICF) coach trainer, best-selling author and podcaster – combining 25 years of study and experience in Psychology and Neuroscience with supporting coaches to start, grow and scale their coaching businesses!

What made you sign up to the professional coach diploma?

“My background is in education, and I am still involved in that sector. They want professional qualifications and professional experience and I think credibility is really important.

I think first and foremost you were the person who encouraged me to sign up: this is because I know how awesome you are and I know how seriously you take coaching.
The second reason was because of the professional nature of it. I wanted to go into corporate and into schools. And to work in these sectors, you need to get a professional certification.

It's everything that I thought it would be and probably, even more.

I love the flexibility around it and I've met some amazing people.

I love the feedback part and I think that's very important: it's amazing to have someone to listen to you, give you advice and also motivate and boost.

I would say: if you're considering coaching, I would definitely book a call with Ruth.”

Rebecca Daniel

What was your experience when you came to coaching?

“I’m a chartered accountant with over 16 years of corporate finance and audit experience in some of the biggest businesses in the UK. While I enjoyed my day job, I particularly loved the people elements – helping other people achieve their best.

So for 2020, I decided to focus more on people and become a coach. I was convinced my natural skills were enough and I didn’t need specific coach training. By March I’d left my job, had some clients, and was getting into the swing of networking. Then the world changed and my plan spluttered and stalled. Come the summer, I decided to reset, do a course, get qualified, and validate my skills.”

What made you think this coach training was for you?

“I hunted around and picked Kudzi Coach Academy because I liked the breadth and depth of the training.

I love that it not only shows the power of pure coaching, it also demonstrates a bunch of tools and techniques you can use too.

I like the idea of finding my own natural coaching style, rather than following a regimented path, and to lean into what this means for my business. This training helps with all of this.

After I signed up, I sought more clients to relaunch with. I was open about my training and encouraged clients to join me to journey together, and it’s been great. They have loved being on that journey, and benefiting from launch customer pricing, and seeing how my skills are quickly developing.

I’m honestly shocked by how useful this training has been. I really didn't think I needed it, but I’ve totally changed my mind on that now. It was exactly what I need and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to maximise their coaching potential.”

Mike Cole

“The work I was doing was mentoring but I really wanted to get into coaching. I knew a qualification was going to really unlock things for me. And it has massively. I was a good coach before, now I know I am a fierce coach.

Being coached every week has meant I have learned so much about myself and it has been a massive support and incredibly powerful. And I've loved looking at the different ways that we could coach. And the different frameworks we could use, rather than it just being, “This is the way,” and it's a tick-box exercise, which it absolutely wasn't.

I have really discovered my style of coaching, which I can say is fierce because I do ask the challenging questions but with compassion and support. Another takeaway was some really deep work that I'm able to do with other people. So Lucy has a great line (who delivered the transactional analysis training) .”You can only meet people as far as you've met yourself.” The biggest thing is for me doing the work myself so that I can then help other people do the work.”

Anita Phagura, Coach and Founder of Fierce Project Management