How many of us have stopped ourselves from making those leaps because we don't feel that success is “meant” for people like us. We have this belief that success comes from working hard at a “proper job” in the corporate world.

I know that I felt like this. I thought that entrepreneurs were very different to me, for a start they were men (weren't they??) and they needed to have this amazing and creative idea that no-one else had ever done before. Interestingly the white, male stereotype is still there in entrepreneurship despite so many great examples of women and men who don't fit the mould from Jay-Z to Sara Blakely to (one of my favourites) Oprah Winfrey.

Throughout my life I have had various businesses and ventures which I have seen as “side projects” but committing to being a full time entrepreneur was terrifying. What if no-one wanted my service and I couldn't pay the bills? what if I had to go back to my old job and everyone said I told you so (this would never happen on so many levels)

But, the biggest blocker was this belief that success didn't come for someone like me, and if I wanted to be successful I had to do it the corporate way – the suits, the heels, commuting into London. This was how success had been painted to me growing up and it was that image I kept well into my thirties..

I remember being at so many parties where people would say you either do something you enjoy like art or creative passions OR you do something you hate for the money. The idea that you could do something you love and be financially successful never came into my head. For me it was black and white, so I changed career from the money focus to something I liked a little more and got paid less for, this seemed like a compromise.

Even now when I see the adverts on social media for the laptop lifestyle I think “I couldn't do that” I am not slim / young / good looking enough to spend my days lounging on a yacht whilst my minions count my millions.

The polished image of success means that even more of us don't feel we can do it. So many of my clients say it feels to good to be true, can I really do something I love and get paid for it, it doesn't even feel like work!

And here is the rub, work for many of us is tough and something we have to endure to get financial rewards and keep off the streets. It isn't that we actually hate it but we would prefer not having to get up and go every day and we are certainly happier in the holidays (as long as we aren't worrying about work!). It is a strange position to be in!

Your beliefs shape your behaviour, it is as simple as that. How much do you believe that you can become successful working in an unconventional way and you can be someone who chooses to spend the afternoon at the spa or with your kids rather than at work?

It is 100% possible for the majority of us (some jobs are still very specific and you can't do them flexibly – I know I want my doctor in the hospital if needed, or a teacher in front of the class) and your mindset is a huge part of this..

The thing that needs to go is your belief, success isn't about being a certain way, it isn't even about a specific skillset. It is more about whether you are willing to take risks and put yourself out there. And that is scary! There is no reason why you can't rewrite the way that you work and live a life where you love what you do and are financially rewarded for it without a suit or a commute.

I love helping my clients achieve this and undo that conditioned mindset and belief so that they can have success and fulfilment on their terms.