Optimus Coach Academy are committed to equality and inclusivity in all that we do, as well as supporting charitable organisations through our work. For us, having a positive impact REALLY matters – supporting people who would not normally be able to access coaching and supporting charities close to our heart.

Every year we donate 10% of our profits to charity. We have currently chosen Young Minds to be the main benefactor, as well as supporting charities including The Trussell Trust, Crisis and The Samaritans.
In addition, we partner with third-party organisations and charities which work with young people and the vulnerable to offer pro bono coaching through the coach training program, with a number of active partnerships currently in place.

We also sponsor 10 membership places for LGBT+ teens in Beyond Schools membership community.

Beyond School are a world-class team of global educators changing the education paradigm, with an online learning approach for whole family learning, prioritising positive mental health, educational development, and life skills.

Led by three powerhouse parents, educators, coaches, and mentors who, together, have everything needed to lead this paradigm shift in the world of education, Beyond School was formed as an emergency support service for parents struggling with remote learning and school closures when the pandemic first hit, sending the world into panic and overwhelm. From here it’s grown into a cradle-to-grave, self-directed learning platform; a ‘school of the future for families of the future'.

With deep recognition that the incumbent educational and work systems are outdated and not serving our growth as a global community, Beyond School is committed to helping families replace the mindless outsourcing of their children’s education to a system that’s broken, with a viable alternative to step off the treadmill and into a more conscious approach to learning.

Beyond School serves children AND adults, as the team’s approach to creating individual learning adventures and bespoke curriculums has been readily embraced by parents who feel the education system is letting them down, by families who want to embrace whole family learning, and by those who want development opportunities to support their mental, emotional and physical health right now.

As an organisation we take equality and inclusivity seriously, working with a consultant to ensure our processes are as inclusive as possible. We provide our trainees with specific training on everything from inclusion and diversity and we support our clients to ensure they consider how their businesses can be inclusive to all, regardless of their personal characteristics.

We offer scholarship places on our coach training programs, for more information just get in touch.