Intentional manifestation is all about identifying what you want and why you want it.

It’s easy to see manifestation as simply thinking something into existence, but the truth is that it involves action and a lot of work to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to receive.

Here are five steps to help you successfully manifest:

1. Identify your Why

Connect deeply with your purpose and your reason for being. Then, connect with your vision. What does that outcome look like for you?

In neuroscience, visualisation is known to create new neural pathways in your brain that build the foundations of your thoughts at a neurological and cognitive level. By creating a powerful vision of your future state, you are subconsciously paving your route to success and achievement. Your brain and body feel it as if it is actually occurring. You are telling it what to do and how to feel as if it is already your truth.

As a result, visualising is a great first step to identifying what you want; what you feel deeply is what matters to you. Sometimes asking for help with this is a good idea – read more in my blog “Why it's important to ask for help”. 

2. Carve your Inner Voice
What often holds us back is our inner critic, knocking us down with negative feedback. Carving a positive and confident inner voice is so important in the manifestation process. If we’re able to tell ourselves confidently what we want, and also express this to others, we have full belief in our capabilities and trust that we can move ourselves forward.

3. Open your Heart Chakra
Manifestation is all about feeling a vision deep inside your heart, and for many, this can be difficult if we have a blockage in our heart chakra. Are we really allowing ourselves to receive the full range of greatness available to us? We must break down any resistance and ensure our message to the universe is clear. We must truly believe that good things can happen to us. It is only then that we are open to receiving our manifested goals.

4. Set Meaningful Goals
We can’t just manifest and expect our goals to appear out of nowhere; we must also work for them. We must ask ourselves: what do we need in order to achieve this outcome? What does success look and feel like to us?

Sometimes we need to gather extra resources and sometimes we must question the people around us – who is able to support our positive mindset to keep us moving forwards?

Often, within a vision, we have smaller goals, and these are vital to support us on our journey to success.

5. Take Action
Like anything, nothing happens unless you make it happen and this involves consistent, determined action every day. We must be aligned with our goals both emotionally and energetically, asking ourselves these defining questions:

Is what I’m doing aligned with me?
Does this make sense in terms of my values and purpose?
Are my goals linked to my vision?

Walking through all the areas mentioned above, try to identify something in your own life you would like manifest. Where do you feel resistance, and what do you need to do to let this go?

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