The Mastery Course

Become even more powerful and cutting edge in your role whilst nurturing and honouring your own development too, all whilst accessing some of the best thinking and techniques out there…

Personal and Coaching Development for Superstar coaches and leaders who are ready to raise their energy and game even higher

You are already talented in your field and would love to amp it up, yet you never quite manage to make the space you need to do so (despite having time and space in abundance for your clients). In fact, if anything, you’re in danger of giving so much that you burn out. You’re craving the time and space you need to focus on your own personal development and growth but – because you’re you – you want to do this in a way that boosts your skills too.

You know you still have more deep work to do- clearing blocks you haven’t quite cleared yet, reconnecting with yourself, pushing yourself into even more greatness, knowing that complacency is not an option for you. If you could just take the time and space you need to get you to the next level whilst staying committed to the big mission you are currently on…

I have put this course together so that you can be an even bigger star AND put your own wellbeing and growth at the centre, whilst still holding space and being even more expansive for your clients. It needn’t be one or the other, and I’m here to show you how.

Just imagine…

Stepping into your power whilst being vulnerable and flawed… having a space to be both the student AND the master.

More clarity and less pointless struggle – for both you and your clients – reducing energy and time spent overthinking and procrastinating, resulting in more enjoyment from your work.

Adding even more of an edge to your client experience, making it powerful, cutting edge yet fun too.

​Feeling centred, reaffirming your purpose whilst staying connected to yourself.

​Client engagement feeling easy and effortless, with a skill set and competence that is even more deeply embedded into who you are.

Showing up with the energy you want to, and knowing how to re-connect to this energy more easily if you do dip at times.

Feeling strong in mindset, resulting in resilience and authority to honour your clients as well as yourself.

Giving even more to your clients whilst giving more time and space to yourself.

Sounds too good to be true?

It is all within your reach if you are ready to truly embrace and work with your WHOLE SELF, with deeper INSIGHT and impact than ever before.

“This stuff works! Helen introduced me to her energy techniques and goddess archetypes and helped me identify my ‘weakest links’. Ultimately, I’d like more balance in my life and her approach seems both effective and fun.”


“Working with Helen has given me an invaluable insight and support at times when I struggle to see a clear path to the future I want for myself. She challenges me in ways I am ready for and allows me the freedom to determine what direction to move in. I also appreciate her focus on how I experience this progress and not just a final result. I would encourage everyone to give themselves this support, an informed and objective viewpoint and tools to approach all that life has to throw at us.”


“I really enjoyed my work with Helen. It was fascinating, unexpected and surprising. I learned a great deal from it.”


Hi, I’m Helen Johnson…

…Accredited ACC level ICF Coach, Integrated Energy Practitioner, enthusiastic yet unskilled Surfer and Mother of two.

I am a superstar at drawing out what matters to you in a no-nonsense way, flooring you with deep insights and challenging perspectives. All this is delivered in a way that is unorthodox, playful, and always kind.

I have a background that hangs together beautifully but is quite eclectic at first glance – I’m an ex barrister and Oxford philosophy graduate, I have a PhD in Criminology and Social Psychology, I have experienced grief and trauma and have changed careers… all whilst helping others unpick their own complexities and challenges in life.

I am a deep thinker who loves logic yet who also likes to be creative with thoughts too, challenging myself and others to get to know their own way of thinking, feelings and behaviours intimately so that they can get the best from the most powerful tool we have… our minds.

I believe that thinking and deep connection to our humanness (i.e. the ‘what’s this all about and how does it all work’ stuff) expands our possibilities. This stuff literally changes lives – I have personally experienced how it helps to navigate traumatic events and big life change – such as the impact of family trauma, losing my mum, changing careers, and postnatal depression to name a few. I have constantly been challenged to find my way back to my higher self through having the right tools – the tools that I’m sharing – at my disposal. 

My background has taught me all about how people navigate change, giving me a unique skillset to help them to get out of their own way and cut through distractions as they do.

As well as being an accredited ICF coach and coach trainer, I use EFT, NLP and hypnosis for the energy side of my work, with training in personal construct psychology, DISC personality profiling, neuroscience in coaching, career and business coaching, positive psychology, strengths and values coaching, and therapeutic techniques. I also like to draw from wisdom such as Buddhism, Jungian archetypes, and western philosophy.

My style: I know your dark, and your light… I also know that what you think is your dark is your light and vice versa, and that THIS is where your superpowers lie. I will help you to go deep, and come out with even more clarity and power than you thought possible.

INTRODUCING…The Mastery Course

My signature course for coaches, mentors, leaders and teachers wanting to offer a powerful client experience whilst focusing on themselves too

Here’s what the course is all about:

1. Looking after yourself and your own wellbeing whilst developing a strong coaching mindset and energy which will benefit your clients too.

2. Finding new ways of coaching the whole person and coaching beyond the obvious – helping you to keep your client experience cutting edge, powerful, transformational and fun.


I will show you the best ways of thinking and the most efficient tools from across different modalities, showing you how to use them in the most effective way for your clients and yourself.

This course offers a way of working on both your own personal development and – because I know you can’t help it – your business and professional development too.

I will translate models and methods which have a lot to offer yet you don’t have the time (or inclination) to fully immerse yourself in right now. My in-depth learning becoming yours in a more efficient time frame… meaning you can access what really matters in supporting your clients to be sharp, focused and expansive.

This course is for you if…

You are a superstar coach, mentor, teacher or leader wanting to further cement your space in your niche and in the world.

You are super talented yet know you need to train too- if there were a coaching Olympics you’d be training for that (or joining the coaching Avengers…).

Learning and evolving is non-negotiable to you.

​You are heart centred and love holding space for others yet this can be at the expense of your own space and energy.

​You are ready to fully master your coaching mindset and become an even bigger coaching star. 

You want to stay at the cutting edge of thinking and offer a client experience that stays unique. 

You are always looking for new ways to keep expansive and flex your coaching muscles.

You know you are a great – make that incredible – coach and want to play at your level.

You know that learning and developing is ongoing and are always looking for ways to enhance your knowledge and skillset to take it to the next level.

You are ready to embrace all that you can be whilst honoring who you are.

And for ICF Coaches, the course offers Continuing Coach Education…

This course offers 11 hours of Core Competency and 16 hours of Resource Development.

For ANY level accreditation renewal, all you need on top of this course is to do 10 hours of mentor coaching (a requirement at ACC level) and 3 free hours of online ethics training via the ICF (I can point you in the right direction for these). It’s basically a one stop shop and you won't even notice the formalities you would normally associate with accreditation renewal.

If you are renewing your ICF accreditation, there are certain requirements that will be fulfilled for you in the following ways:

​The workshops incorporate core competencies into the learning (at least 25%)

​Your one to one sessions will incorporate consideration of you as a coach and creating powerful experiences for your clients

​The bonus coaching skills clinics are your opportunity to integrate insight and learning into your coaching and reflect more deeply on how this aligns with the core competencies

You will be required to attend at least 70% of the course live in order to be certified (including the coaching clinics)

Powerful thinking, cutting edge learning and accessing time efficient tools whilst focusing on you and your wellbeing… with other superstar leaders in their field as your co-stars, all ready to step up and make more positive waves in the world.

I have really enjoyed working with Helen. She is very skilled at what she does, and also has a lovely way of bringing her infectious sense of humour into her work.


“Helen is amazing at what she does! She is truly modest about her talent. She has helped me to grow out of my shell by exploring out of my comfort zone. She has such a way with words and puts things into perspective so easily that obstacles I once faced are no longer there.”


Whats included

8 workshops, 3 weeks apart:

The workshops cover a range of powerful modalities and deliver to you what is most important. We explore these for your own personal development, as well as how to integrate this into working with clients.

3 one-to-ones lasting two hours

This is where we use the modalities and coaching combined to work on your own personal and business development and address what is unique to you.

Bonus 4 x 90-minute coaching skills clinics

Using tools from the course, as well as coaching tips and techniques from different schools of thought, these bonus clinics are specifically focused on great coaching.

During the 20 weeks we will cover

Philosophy for cutting through the noise of running a business, saving energy and strengthening your mindset

Energy Techniques and EFT – Be the 1% who does this well and just watch your- and your clients’- energy flourish

Goddess and God Archetypes for deep connection and hidden superpowers

Techniques from psychology for getting into someone’s way of thinking FAST

Buddhism for living fully and with both dark and light to create the ultimate in life balance

Mastering personality through Astrology – for both woo woos and sceptics

Wild card module – decided by and curated for YOU

Bringing it all together in the best way for yourself and your business

What you get

Small group context (maximum 16)

6 hours one to one (3 x 120 minutes)

8 workshops, 3 weeks apart

Toolkits and treats

Bonus: 4 x 90 min coaching skills clinics

No homework and a manageable pace

My approach: Go bold, learn hard, go be the superstar you are… with less burnout, and even more edge!

All sessions are delivered online, although there WILL be an in person meet up (just for fun!) when we are allowed…

Your investment

Exclusive Launch Price

First round £1497 or 6 payments of £250 (Usual price £1998)

PLUS, CCE for ICF Accredited Coaches
The course offers 11 hours of Core Competency CCEs and 16 hours of Resource Development. All you need is 10 hours of mentor coaching and 3 free hours of online ethics training in order to obtain the full 40 hours required for accreditation renewal.

Are you ready to become the powerful yet grounded coach/ mentor/ leader/ teacher you’d love to become…

“The work I have done with Helen has been really transformative. It helped me to get past some of the blocks I have created in my own life that are holding me back from the life I want. Our work together was challenging but in a good way – I trusted the process as I could see the steps I was taking already. I feel it has set me up on a new path. Thanks, Helen!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not ICF?


We don't focus on jargon or formalities, we focus on skills, energy, and insight – the core competencies are ones which translate to many contexts.

How is this different from other courses?

I not only draw from professional experience, but also from wisdom and modalities outside of coaching too that you are unlikely to access elsewhere. I focus on how to access the hidden and rejected parts of yourself rather than just the surface, while bridging deep, inner work with lighter, energy efficient approaches. My superpower is showing you what matters in life, cutting though the rest.

What if I don’t have time to fully immerse myself and/or complete all of the course?

There will be replays available for all of the workshops, although I recommend aiming to attend as many lives as possible for the biggest impact. The workshops are deliberately spaced apart so you have time for integration and there is no homework or faffing about with lots of stuff to do outside of the live sessions (as much fun as this can be, I recognize your need for efficiency and a relaxed pace – although there will be no compromise on how challenging it is!).

I already know how to practice self-care and how to coach, do I really need this?

Only you know how much self-care features in your life and whether it can be improved, also whether you have tried the techniques I will be sharing in this course – although if you are familiar with some, I guarantee this will give you a fresh perspective and way of using them. As for the coaching side, this is about taking everything you already are and know and combining it with powerful self-care to fully harness your energy and potential.

When does the course start?

The course starts on the 10th of AUGUST, 2021

Please get in touch at where we can answer further queries, arrange a chat, or sign you up. 

If you are ready to work on yourself as much as your clients and business, then I would love to welcome you onto The Mastery Course and all that it offers… your new, powerful self-care practice and client experience await.