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What does it mean to embody a growth mindset? 

So many of us cognitively understand the growth mindset, yet we struggle to fully adopt one. In a culture obsessed with ‘doing’ and measuring, it’s not easy to stop the fixed mindset from creeping back in and taking over! 

Janis Chan shares how she developed her growth mindset and the change it brought to her life. She discusses how she views herself now and how letting go of expectations liberates her.


If you want to free yourself from comparisons and the urge to do more, this is the episode for you. 

[0:55] Janis on introducing herself and detaching from labels 
[3:48] How training as a coach helped her embody the growth mindset
[6:20] How people cognitively understand growth mindset, yet fall into fixed mindset traps
[8:56] Learning to stop doing 20 things a minute
[12:35] Focusing on ‘being’ instead of doing  
[16:10] The relief from letting go of expectations 
[18:19] We cannot be all that we are all of the time
[22:04] Everything doesn’t have to be tangible
[23:44] Living in a culture that celebrates ‘doing’ 

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