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Do you ever struggle with imposter syndrome or ‘comparisonitis’? Or ever dealt with an identity crisis?When Val Hassall entered the online world, she found herself dealing with all three.

In today’s episode, Val tells us how coaching helped her develop the courage to be herself. The process was so empowering, she became a coach to help others step into their own power too.

Next year, Val will be sharing her ideas on ‘the Art of Owning your Story’ on the TEDx stage. But you don’t need to wait. Have a listen to these transformational ideas now… 

1:56 On starting your own business and experiencing imposter syndrome
3:31: How to reconnect with yourself and your values
5:31 Connecting with your purpose and your identity in the online world
7:58  Personal power and identity in your own brand through being coached
9:06 How to define your brand image
10:01 Coaching and dealing with imposter syndrome
12:18 Reframing your imposter syndrome
13:00 How to find out more about Val

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