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What stories and narratives are you holding about yourself?

In this episode, Adanna Onuekwusi talks about the profound impact writing can have on wellbeing.

We all carry internal stories of our own making. Through the power of writing, we can become aware of these stories and how they mould our lives.

Using coaching tactics and powerful writing exercises, Adanna tells us how we can rewrite and edit these stories. And become who we want to be.

Have a listen to today’s episode.
1:23 On becoming aware of the internal stories and narratives that shape our lives
3:49: How coaching can help us release unhelpful narratives
5:23 Working with people’s identities and moving forward
7:01 How to get your ideas down on paper: exploring different approaches
10:11 How much time to dedicate to writing
13:11 Coaching and rewriting our internal stories
17:39 Stepping into who you want to be
21:16 How to work with Adanna

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