Is your coaching evidence-based?

In this episode, Ruth discusses why she’s a huge proponent of evidence-based coaching and why coaches ought to use these approaches on themselves.  

Of course, she discusses how evidence-based coaching makes a difference to the lives of clients too.

Even if you don’t use the tools during a session, evidence-based theories and methods can inform your approach and help you coach the whole person. The benefits are numerous!

Want to understand why evidence-based coaching is taking over?

Listen to this episode.  

{1:18} Using evidence-based coaching on yourself (as a coach)

{2:56} Knowing what we need and why that’s important

{4:02} The importance of rest as a coach (based on evidence)

{5:31} Using tools/theories to inform our approach to wellbeing

 {7:55} Helping clients see themselves

{9:12} How coaching in one area positively affects other areas of life

{11:11} What type of coach do you want to be?

Link to Authentic happiness.

The future of coaching involves scientific evidence! If becoming an evidence-based coach is important to you, find out more about our Professional Coaching Diploma course here.