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Our 100th episode is here! 

In this episode, Ruth talks to Suzie Richards about experimenting as a coach.
Coaching is a varied field with lots of scope for exploration. Innovations in the
coaching space are popping up all the time.  

Suzie discusses ‘Time to think’ by Nancy Kline, as well as other unique concepts
within coaching. As a coach, Suzie will never ask her clients to go where she won’t.

But where can coaching take you? Find out just how diverse and interesting the
coaching field is.

Listen above!

1:11 How Suzie started coaching
3:00: Her willingness to be coached before coaching others
4:22  Experimenting with different coaching styles and methods
6:58  Using Time to think 
9:06 How Somatics healed her
14:51 Researching into Psychedelics and personal development

See more from Suzie at the following links:
Website: Suzierichards.com
Instagram: suzie_richards

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