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Mel Cheng knows how to break you out of your comfort zone and bring excitement back into your life. Listen to this podcast episode and hear Mel tell us how she gets more women saying ‘yes’ to life!

Mel talks us through her experiences of coach training with Optimus and the positive effects it has had on her life. 

Find out about Mel’s experiences and how her business ‘She Dares’ helps women get unstuck and mix it up!

Listen above.

[1:55] Mel discusses how joining Optimus impacted her on a personal level

[3:34] How Mel uses transactional analysis in her coaching business 

[4:44] How empowering women to tell your story can have a positive impact on others

[6:00] Mel shares her story of imagined goals vs reality and being flexible

[9:04] Why regular coaching is important with supporting goals evolve 

[10:29] How Mel supports her clients mix it up and get unstuck

See more from Mel Cheng at the following links: 

Official Website: https://www.she-dares.com/ 

For Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_shedares

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