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Can coach training transform your life and how you see yourself in the world? Yes, it can! 

Charlene Kidd tells us how building those core coaching foundations dramatically changed her life for the better.

Through connecting with the coaching approaches we offer, Charlene discovered her true values, strengths and needs. And she quickly found she wasn’t putting her needs first!

By tapping into the awareness coaching gave her, Charlene dropped the restrictive scripts she held and now shows up as her real self!

Listen to Charlene’s inspiring story below.

[2:20] How the course built the foundations for Charlene’s transformation

[4:45] Children and the life scripts that form in childhood

[6:35] How Charlene helps her clients understand and change their belief systems  

[9:02] How personality work played an integral part in Charlene’s transformation

[10:00] Awareness and exploring different levels of identity   

[12:17] On finding out who she wants to work with

[13:36] How coaching taught Charlene to finally put herself first

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