Are you wanting to develop your coaching SKILLS and RESOURCES alongside your coaching business?

Are you driven by being the best coach you can be and have more impact with your clients?

I have created THE COACHING HUB to help you by focusing on:

Personal development and mindset so you are confident, resilient and believe in yourself

Professional development and coaching skills looking at different approaches including neuroscience, energy work and positive psychology

Business development and growth so you can start and scale your business

With a strong focus on coaching support, accountability, progress and resource development The Coaching Hub supports you as you grow as a coach.

This is not a normal membership or a group program it is unique in that it focuses on you taking action (the most important determinant of success!) and supports you to do so by helping you with your mindset, coaching skills and strategy.

We focus on four areas

Your coaching skills and resources, we teach you different methodologies, share tools and run coaching clinics to help you develop your expertise and open you up to new training and disciplines to get your clients results

Coaching, accountability and progress to keep you on track and making progress towards your goals

Your business model and business strategy: who you work with, how you work with them, how to build and grow your audience, make more sales and scale on your terms

Your personal development: who you are and who you want to step into being, we develop your mindset, confidence and resilience

“I'm in a lot of online business communities and The Coaching HUB is my favorite!     

It's a warm and friendly group, and I felt it was quick and easy to make connections and get to know each other. 

Ruth and her team are very active in there, they and the members are all so supportive.   

I like the optional co-working sessions which I tend to dip into when I'm procrastinating over a particular piece of work, for the accountability and focus. 

Then there are also the two group coaching sessions every week, with Ruth, Donna or Elaine – again how fab is that, highly qualified coaches on hand!    

We share our goals every Monday, which I've done in other groups but the difference I've noticed in The HUB is that members do a quick live every Friday to share wins, this helps everyone get to know each other! 

Ruth offers her action days, shares her audience with us, and really supports us on our business journey as well as with coaching!  I love that there is Lynsay as the Tech Associate Coach too, I'm learning lots of new tech now, so it's great to have someone to check in with when I get stuck or have a feeling, I might be taking the long route!”

Cheryl Dodd, Founder of BizKidz ®️

“I joined the Coaching Hub in November and the value I have already received from my membership has been incredible. The weekly training, co-working sessions, accountability and group coaching are all amazing resources and worth the membership fee alone. However, the community aspect of the hub is the absolute icing on the cake.  

You will find a group of inspiring, knowledgeable and like-minded individuals who are cheering you along every step of the way as you build your business and hone your coaching skills. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience, but wherever you are on your coaching journey you will find a huge amount of support and resources.  

Ruth and her team lead the Hub in an inclusive, kind and non-judgemental way, and you will feel truly comfortable to ask questions and get any help or support you might need, as well as a safe space to reflect on your own practice. You will receive genuine, whole-hearted and personalised encouragement to build your business and skills in the way that’s right for you.”  

Isabelle Fielding, Project and Team Leadership Consultant,

“Being part of the Coaching Hub has been an amazing experience of my professional journey so far, the overall support is tremendous. The support in the group is so wonderful, everyone in the group is there to help and support one another’s growth. The resource development in Kajabi is helping grow Personally and professionally.”

Sheri Okuwobi, Transformational Life Coaching, LT Life Coaching

Membership Includes

Weekly 90 minute live implementation time to get things done every Monday (can't make it live you can share in the group what you are doing for accountability)

One day a month (2nd Wednesday) to work on your business, personal and professional growth with a team of support including training in different coaching approaches

Weekly 90 minute group call every Wednesday (coaching and mentoring, coaching clinics and progress calls) these are recorded if you don't make them live

Weekly short training and activities in one of the three categories which you can access whenever suits you

Access to our content and tech coaches for one hour each month

Quarterly content planning workshops

Access to guest experts in the group that you can ask questions to rather than building your own team including 3 associate coaches

Weekly 90-minute group mindset and wellbeing coaching to help you overcome obstacles and make progress

Monthly progress questionnaires for increased accountability and to make sure you stay on track

A resource bank of material you can access as and when including expert workshops (this includes coaching resources and tools)

2 socials a year to build your network and relationships (COVID permitting)

Accountability partners so that you have that extra person to keep you on track

Progress prizes so you can win 1:1 laser coaching with me, books and presents when you hit your goals every week

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“It is the only membership that gives you the push to take action, rather than just teaching content.”

Morellis Chuecos, Coach

“Ruth isn’t all style and no substance. She comes with a practical psychology background and is not too fluffy.”

Dawn Wright, Yoga Business Owner and Coach 

“The accountability and goal setting is really good. Having Ruth’s expertise and large network of contacts. Ruth is good at putting you in touch with people who specialise in what you need.”

Amy Stammers, Coach and RTT Therapist 

“I love The Accelerator Academy (former membership) and it help even if you are just starting up your business. I love these progress coaching calls, the accountability, the resources on Kajabi and the tech support. I get to voice what’s in my head and what I probably already know the answer to, but it really helps to saying it to other people.”

Irene Watson, Coach 

“I'm loving The Accelerator Academy! (former membership) I’m so happy I joined a year ago. The implantation day is great, there’s a lot of recorded resources and I live the live training. I have more accountability, support and clarity. If I’m struggling, I use the search function to get answers to things that have probably already been asked.”

Rebecca Daniel, Coach and Educator 

“There are lots of resources and you can tap into Ruth’s expertise. There’s a feeling of community, you can ask for advice from members and you need that, when you’re on your on in business. ”

Pamela Langan, Career Success Coach 

“I love the community and tell everyone about it! There’s a lot of variety and people from all types of business’. You build connections with people well ahead of you and as well as realising how far you have come. Ruth holds it all together, she’s inclusive and genuinely cares. ”

Lynsay Anne Gould, Podcasting and Business Coach